How I Got Glo 6GB For N1,500 - Works on All Devices

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You are probably reading this because you are data conscious, you want something more affordable that you can download with or something that will work perfectly on your device. Well, think no further because this post comes right in time.

Glo has been a life safer for some of us since 1900BC and I'll like to unlock this awesome features to those who don't know it exist. To those who already know it exist or using it, you deserve a cool glass of juice in such a weekend like this.

I'm going to show you how I got 6GB for N1,500 using my Glo line. The first thing that will perhaps comes to your mind is does glo have plan like this? the question can only be answered spiritually and not physically.

How Did I Get 6GB For N1,500?
You are all aware that you can get 3GB for N1,000 by dialing *777*21#... I can hear someone saying a big YES! Good...

So I first of all subscribed for Glo 3GB for N1k on my device and then activated the Glo weekend plan of N500 for 3GB by dialing *777# and then follow the prompt...

The weekend plan was activated the moment I connected to the net.

You cannot use the two plan at thesame time. What I did was to pulse my Blackberry subscription by changing my apn to glosecure. Immediate the plan was activated and the speed is completely out of this world.

Who Should Use This Plan?
Those who have something big to download over the weekend. If Airtel 1GB for N100 didn't work for you, this will work out for you.

Will it work on my Smart Device?
Yes, it works on all device.

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How To Root Infinix Hot 2 x510 Without PC

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Infinix mobility, dropped a new banger for a device "Infinix Hot 2 x510" an Android one device which is currently selling like hot cake on both Konga and Jumia. But today, I want to guard you all on how to quickly root this new baby: infinix hot 2 Without PC if you have successfully gotten it from either of the stores. So without wasting time, let's hit the road with ease. Rooted-infinix-hot-2

How To Root Infinix Hot 2 x510 Without PC

==>1. Download and Install KingRoot.apk Here

==>2. After download and installation, make sure you are having a strong 3G network on your Hot 2

==>3. Open KingRoot and wait for all checks to be completed, then tap the Center button with Root written in Chinese language to begin rooting.

==>4. Once kingroot is done rooting your infinix hot 2, a green button indicating "success" will show up. Just Tab the other blue button under it written in Chinese. And that's all.

==>5. You can get Root Checker from play store to check if you've actually gotten root access.

Read Also: How To Quickly Root Infinix Hot X507 + Other Android Devices

Since this phone is a new device, and majority buying it might just be using an Android, or hearing about rooting for the first time. And be wondering if rooting of infinix hot 2 will cause any damage to the device. So i stand to clarify that this has been tested and trusted. Using this method is damn easy and will not brick, harm your phone in anyway.


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Instagram is a beautiful application and fun app to share your pictures, videos with friends and family. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. It’s a new way to share your world with new friends. This application is especially designed for iOS and Android users. Due to its fame in world all computer users are eagerly waiting to use this app on PC windows xp/7/8/8.1 so you can download free instagram for PC windows xp/7/8/8.1. We provide the initial steps for installing on PC. Instagram works on all types of windows operating systems. Instagram is a simple photo sharing tool but has great popularity around world cause of its features. You can download this app from Google play store download free for PC windows xp/7/8/8.1.

Features Of windows xp/7/8/8.1:

·         Instant sharing of pictures, videos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.
·         Provides unlimited uploads of pictures and videos.
·         Send videos and photos directly to friends and your followers.
·         Have fun with your Instagram friends through giving and receiving likes , comments, sharing and following them.
·         It has integrated features like sharing on Facebook, twitter profiles directly.
·         Provides special Tilt-shit blur effects on PC version too.
·         Comes with different special photo effects which make your pictures as quality and fine, better. Built-in special effect filters like Hudson, Early-bird, Inkwell etc are used.

Steps to Download Instagram for PC windows xp/7/8/8.1:

·         The best working method to download Instagram free for windows PC is that first you have to download an ANDROID EMULATOR on your pc to run android apps.
·         Basic android emulator now-a-days we use is BlueStacks which is an free Android emulator which does not take much time to install on your computer.
·         Bluestacks is compatible with all types of Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.
Firstly follow the below steps to Download Bluestacks and Instagram.
1.       Download Bluestacks from there Official site.
2.       Install blue stacks as per instructions and complete the total installation procedure and sign-up for Google play store account.
3.       Now in search panel search for an Instagram app, Download Instagram app and install it.
4.       Open the installed app sign-up for a new Instagram account. Once u logged in you can select some of your favourite photos, videos and post it on Instagram wall.
5.       You can search for your favourite photos, videos and you can follow them to receive new updates from them when they upload new photos and videos of there.
Follow the above steps and have a clean installation. If you face any problems during installation feel free comment or Contact Us. free movies for both mobiles and PC

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At, I download free movies be it TV series, Cartoons/Amines, Documentaries, Indian movies and other videos for both PC and mobiles free of charge. Latest TV series are updated on the site always and thus keep it fresh with new content always. I remember downloading all the episodes of my favorite TV series “How I met your mother” from this website. There are so many TV series listed on this site, so to easily find any series you may be looking for, use the Ctrl + F button and type in the name of the TV series on the search box and if the series is listed on the site you will easily find it. Check out the TV series section of this great website and download free movies.

If you are also a Cartoon lover like me, you can also download for free from so many listed Cartoons. I love Naruto cartoons and I still go to to download the episodes. There are a lot of cartoons/amine movies on this site. Download free movies (cartoon/amine). You can download from the Simpsons to Naruto to American dad and a lot more etc. free movies for both mobiles and PC
Download free movies for both mobiles and PC

If you are a lover of Indian movies, you are welcome to the right place. There are also Indian movies listed on this site.  There are also other videos for PC and video documentaries listed on this site.  Documentaries from BBC,CBC,National geographic, Channel 4, Discovery and many more are listed on this site as well. You can also download free documentaries from this website.

Videos on these site are in avi/3gp formats . There are also mp4 format videos on the site. So you can download any format that best suits your device and enjoy endless videos from these website. Visit any of the sites today and download free movies for your mobile/tablets and PC. To download without interruption of any sort, you may need to install Internet download manager on your computer.

Code For Checking Your Data Balance/Status on MTN

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Do you ever feel the need to know how much data is remaining in your Internet subscription? Or maybe you’d like to check exactly when your plan will expire? We’ll treat all that here.

 Code for Checking MTN Data status/balance

  • Check MTN Mobile data plan: Text 2 to 131
  • Check MTB BIS subscription: Text Status to 21600
  • Check MTN SME Data: Dial *691*7# or text sharebalance to 131 
  • Check MTB Goodybag: Text 403 to 131

New MTN NIGERIA Internet Data Plans and Subscription Codes

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Here’s the list of MTN Nigeria data plans, subscription codes and price list. MTN provide various
internet plans to choose from and with as little as #5.00, you can be sure of getting on the internet.

Check the table below for the concise list.

UPDATE: MTN Night Plan ---- 4.5GB ---- 2,500 Naira
Bundle Plan Price (#) Total Data Allowance Validity Period Activation Code USSD
5MB #5 5MB 1 DAY
10MB #100 10MB 1 DAY 104 *104#
25MB #400 25MB 1 WEEK 105 *105#
100MB #1000 260MB 1 MONTH 106 *106#
250MB #1300 325MB 1 MONTH 109 *109#
500MB #2000 750MB 1 MONTH 110 *110#
1GB #3,500 1.5GB 1 MONTH 111 *111#
5GB #8000 7.5GB 1 MONTH 101 *101#

MTN Night Plan --- 4.5GB ---- 30 Days --102-- 2,500 Naira

MTN NG Internet Data Plans, subscription codes


You can either subscribe via text or USSD

  • To subscribe via text, simply text the Activation Code of your choice to 131 e.g text ‘102’  to ‘131’ (without the quotes) to purchase the MTN Night Plan which gives you 4.5 GB data for 30 days at 2,500 naira only.

  • To subscribe via USSD, simply dial the USSD code of your choice e.g *101# and press send. make sure you have enough credits before dialing.

Download Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk + Data File

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  Download Naruto Senki v1.15 First 3 Apk - For lovers of anime Naruto, this time I will share the latest games for this anime. Naruto Senki apk, with version v1.15. What's new in this version 1.15? The most obvious is the new character. The characters are: Ino Yamanaka. For those who have played the previous version would have to understand how this game. And the next update is v1.16. For Those who have not, please just download the latest games: Naruto Senki, just in Very cool adventure ready for you to play. Do not get lost, use the latest character you've never tried this.

Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk

Download Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk

  How to install is easy. You just have to download, and then install. Because the format has .apk, then you just play it. Immediately enjoy a new character. [Update] For a new one, you can try the Naruto Ninja World 3D. The gameplay is interesting, lets play..
Apps Information
What's New:
  • New Charackter ( Ino Yamanaka )
  • For How to Unlock Naruto Senki to Hardcore Mode click here
  • For those of you who want to try: Naruto Senki Mod By Arif, please go to the following link:
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