This Tutorial has been on the Internet almost on every website now but no one is as comprehensive as this one is gonna be.
Lets get Started, I will try my possible best to make everyone understand it without much Reading and Hassle. Make Best Use of this Tutorial because i have decided to show it our when others are Packaging it into an Ebook and it goes for nothing less than N5,000.

Cable TV make use of what is called Broadband Network, meaning the bandwidth of the connection is Split to simultaneously carry Man signals at different frequencies, for data networking (Internet access) purposes, cable system typically allocates one channel worth of bandwidth which is used to access the Net.
That means you can convert your HITV, DSTV, CTL, MYSPACE etc decoder to a modem to access the Internet. You can also connect your laptops and desktops to browse the Internet at a speed between 6mbps and 8Mbps, over 100 times which is far better than any Dial up Connection e.g Starcomms, Multilinks and others.
Before you can be connected to the Internet Free of Charge though any of DSTV, HiTV etc Decorder, You need the Material below, Name & Image Inclusive!:
Click on any Image to Bold it.
1. Your Decorder! It might be that of Dstv or HiTv, Just anyone.

2. Cable Modem.

3. Splitter.

4. Coaxial Cable.

5. Rj 45 Internet Cable.

After Getting all this Materials, Then you are Ready to Browse Free Using your Decorder!
INFO: To get Quality and Cheap Material/Equipment, Visit Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.
This is the Most Important Step, Pls Follow it Careful and i believe it will work for you also. Lets get Started.
1. Connect the Coaxial Cable from the Coaxial Port at the back of the Decoder to the Splitter.
2. Connect another Coaxial Cable from the other side of the splitter to the Coaxial Port at the back of Cable Modem.
3. Connect one end of the Rj-45 Cable to the jack of the Cable Modem and the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port of your Laptop or your Desktop PC.
4. Turn on your Decoder and also turn on the Cable Modem.
Thats All, Is that not very Simple? I know you Understand every bit of it, Now lets Proceed to the Browser Configuration Stage.
Now we are 95% done, Just Configure your Browser with the Below IP and Port and you can Start Surfing the Internet at an Unimaginable Speed of 8mbps all for Free, Now Open your Mozilla or any other Browser and configure with this:
HTTP proxy or IP:
PORT: 8080
or select Auto Detect Proxy and you are Ready to Browse. 
Thats All... Goodluck! Pls dont Forget to click on Our Share Button, May God Bless us all.
1. Internet access & Cable TV Access Charges are taken care of in your monthly subscription payments .i.e . You dont have to pay Extra Fee to Access the Internet, with your Decorder you can browse the Internet 24/7 and still pay the same amount you have always pay to your Cable Network.
2. The Speed of the Internet is enourmously Fast, It will surely blow your Mind just like Swift 4G did to me, Am loving it.
3. The Internet Access does not affect your Cable Stations, this means that you can watch & browse simultaneously.
4. You can connect it with upto 8 Laptops/PC for effectiveness and speed compare to our other means of Internet where we pay upto N15k on monthly subscription and you can use 3 System at a go..
5. You can make cool money connecting for others and you don't need to be a Guru to know how to configure laptop or desktop to Access Cable Internet.
This are Answer to some of the Questions we receive from our Members through the comment box, We have tried our best to give answer out to the necessary questions.
1. How much can i get all this Material? = The Cable Modem cost N25,000. | Splitter cost N3,500, Apart from this Two, The Price for Others are just Peanut, But in a good estimate N30,000 is ok.
2. What Kind of Decorder can i Use? Well, We have Tried many Decorders and almost all work either Strong or any, they all work.
3. Where can we Get the Materials? = Am not Recommending any Shop or Outlet to any one but you can get any of the Materials @ Computer Village, Ikeja. For those outside Lagos, You can ask for it in your computer stores or ask your Friend/Family in Lagos to Buy and send for you.
4. Can i Make Use of Free to Air Decorder? = Yes Free to Air Decorder work smootly and perfect.
5. Can We use Startimes Decorder? = No, Startimes Decorders those not make use of Broadband Technology, So its automatically out of it.

::: The End! :::


I hope this Info helps...

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