1. Get the software called PRIVOXY. You can visit to download the software if ou dont have it.
2. Ope the Privoxy and locate a file called "Config

file" then inside the config file, on your keyboard

press Ctrl + F and it will bring a search box. Inside

the search box insert: and it will

3. After it has been highlighted delete and replace the

highlighted text with this: and press

Ctrl + S to save or save the normal way and then close

the file.
4. Open your Match-all and put this into it:
Forwarded for:
Host: or
Save and close the Match-all.
5. Then in your Browser insert: Ip: and Port:8118
6. Open your Privoxy and connect your Modem and start browsing free.

NOTE: To enjoy browsing and prevent useless comments

follow the instructions below and you'll have no problems:
*After connecting, the first site to try opening should
*Always try to keep the conectn busy.
*Dont put money into the sim or else they will flap like okro soup.
*Always reload each time the conn seems 2 nt b going or dormant.
*share ur testimonies and dont post foolishly. Feel free to ask any questions.
*use mozilla firefox as the recommended browser

I hope this Info helps...

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