Tool needed : Blueftp
Other items : Themes & Pictures.

Firstly, locate your "blueftp" then click on "Options", Scroll down to "Application access", click on it then scroll down again to "Data access" and click on it, scroll down to "Add and edit data".
Now choose "Ask every time".

Now to business. Open your "blueftp, locate the theme you want to recreate with your own pictures, click on that theme, it will open "some files". Click on "menu", scroll down to "select all", click on menu again then select "extract selected items", choosd menu again then scroll to create folder, give it any name you like.
Open the new folder, You will see something like "this folder is empty"
Now click on "menu", click on "Extract items here", then start pressing yes until you see "Extraction Completed Successfully!".
You can now start editing all the files in the theme.
{NOTE: Do not rename or do anything with [them_descriptor.xml] If you want your themes to be perfect.}
Now start writing all the names of the files in that theme on a sheet of paper, locate your pictures that you want to replace with the one in that theme, then press "menu" and choose "copy", Open your folder then press "menu" and scroll to "paste" then paste your picture there.
Delete the original one used in the theme and rename your picture with the original name.
{To see the original picture used in that theme, press Ok. To go back press1}
Do that to insert your picture in that theme.
When you're done with everything, press "menu" scroll down to "select all", then press menu again and scroll down to "Compress items (nth)",
Give it any name you like, then press Ok and start pressing "Yes" until you see "Compression Completed Successfully!".
Enjoy your theme

I hope this Info helps...

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