there are different ways of protecting your facebook account from  hackers.here,i will show you some working methods that i use in  protecting my facebook account.
here are the methods!
1.USE OF HTTPS LOGIN:using the method,its make your account secure because it will encrypt  will encrypt your communication on facebook
To use this:click on “Account Settings”, and then click on “Account Security”. Tick on “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. Then save. thats all

2.CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TO A STRONGER PASSWORD:changing of password in 3 months help alot and if you are to change the password,change it to a password that is strong..that is change to a password that have upto 15digits..
3. Activate Text Message Notification
Facebook allows you to receive notifications through text messages whenever your account is accessed from an unknown device different to your primary computer and mobile device. To activate text message notification on facebook, click “Account Settings” and then “Account Security”. Under “Login Notifications” “Tick send me a text message”. Then save
4.Track Your Activities on Facebook.
 Tracking your activities on Facebook will make it easier for you to recognize unauthorized activities. To enable this feature on facebook,
i. Click Account Settings > Account Security.
ii. Check the “Most Recent Activity and “Your recognized devices:”
iii. If you recognize any unrecognized activity click End and Change your password.

hope its helps

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