How to upload a template on blogger blogs

Let me say uploading a template to your blog is dame simple.
Today i will be teaching you how to upload your new downloaded
template on your blogger blogs by simply follow up this steps.
Before you made any change on your template always download the
current template before any change is been made.
1. If your downloaded template is a zip file kindly unzip it.
2. Open the unzip folder, the templates format is normally a xml file,
now you have to open the XML file with Notepad or Wordpad.
3. Press Ctrl+A to highlight the code, then press Ctrl+C to copy the
highlight code, now go to your dashboard and
locate edit HTML (your template) click the expand button to expand the
templates code views.
4. Press Ctrl+A to highlight the whole template code and press Ctrl+V
to paste your new template code.
5. LAST STEP click and save template (publish). You have successfully
upload a new template to your blog. Kudos.
This is a guest post by Clement Clemogus Ogudu of Gurusdiary|The Internet World He blogs about Technology,Tips & Tricks, Seo, how to make money on the internet and everything on how to blog

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