This tutorial is a request by one of our members.

The award-winning 2011 Mobile Browser - UCBrowser, may be the best browser in terms of speed, downloading, saving data, Qwerty Shortcuts Support, etc, but not without some little bugs: it doesn't fully support encrypted and very secure websites with complex scripts such as yahoo mail. But don't worry, I'm here to help you out.

1st: Make sure that you go the Settings,
- Change User-Agent (UA) to Mobile, Opera or WAP UA
- Tick WAP Preload
- Tick WAP Access via Server

2nd: Go to in your ucweb and click "Mail" at the top.
After the username and password, you'll see "Having trouble logging in? Try Alternate Log-in"

Click the link
"Alternate Log-in"

Another page opens...then login with your username & password.

The next page opens, go down and click:

"or continue using regular Yahoo! Mail"

This tutorial is tested and confirmed working on the latest UCBrowser 8.2beta, it should work on older versions - though i have not tested it.

Has it worked 4 u?
Pls share ur views in the comments.

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I hope this Info helps...

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