Y’ello! Introducing MTN Simple Surf, hourly internet plans for your PC & LAPTOP. Choose from 2 hrs, 20hrs, 100hrs or 300 hrs. Text help to 131 to get started.
If you usually browse with MTN on your computer or phone. You must have recieved the above message via an SMS. If not, you haven’t been left out yet, here is an opportunity to get the best and affordable browsing experience on your computer.
MTN introduces Hourly Bundle Plans for computer browsing via a service they call Simple Surf Plan.
To buy any MTN Simple Surf Plan bundle, simply send ‘I’ in an SMS to 131.
Bundle Period Of Validity Price Code
2 hours 2 days 250naira 2H
20 hours 7 days 1500naira 20H
100 hours 30 days 5000naira 100H
300 hours 90 days 13,000naira 300H
The above table displays the validity and price of each of the new MTN Simple Surf Plan.
To subscribe for any of the packages/bundles, just send the bundle’s ‘code’ to ’131? via SMS.
Now, breaking down of these new MTN Simple Surf Plan bundles.

How It Works: MTN Simple Surf Plan

For example, when you buy the 2hours bundle(by sending 2H to 131), you are given two hours of unlimited browsing and downloading on your computer. During these two hours, you can download and upload any amount of megabytes or gigabytes as the bundles are not data-transfer based. If you didn’t browse upto the given 2hours, you the bundle still lies valid for use within the next 48 hours.
This is just an example with the 2hour MTN Simple Surf Plan bundle, the 20hour bundle is valid for a week while the hundred-hour bundle stays valid for 30days.
MTN Simple Surf Plan is not very advisable for mobile users. Though it can be purchased and used on mobile phones but don’t be tempted into buying it for browsing on your mobile phone. Afteral, the 24hour mobile browsing data bundle give you 10mb of mobile browsing for only 100 naira. Just send ‘Help’ to 131 or dail *123# on your phone.

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