Etisalat Unlimited Browsing Tweak for all Phones and PC

First I want to give credits to Derek of Slimwares, and other geeks who put hands and heads to make this work. This Etisalat Tweak has been around and had been raging for over 2 days, I wouldn't want to share tweaks that last for only few hours, that's part of the reason why I delayed this post, but if you have been looking for how you can Browse Unlimitedly on your phone or computer system, then you have come to the right place at the right time.

If you noticed, you can see from the beginning of the Post, I never mentioned it was a FREE browsing tweak.
All you'll need is have a N100 in your Account Balance

* Dial *499*3*2#
wait for a response telling you Welcome to the etisalat blackberry Complete voice plan.
Now Remove and Replace your Battery to get the service running.
Put your phone on and Follow the Tweak Settings below to begin browsing
Create a New Access Point
* APN:
Press Options > Go to Advanced settings
* Select DNS address and input
Primary DNS address :
Secondary DNS address :
* Proxy Server Address:
Port: 8080
Exit and use all your Apps (Symbian apps) Directly as if you've got bundle

For fastest browsing quality, ensure you have DUAL MODE or UMTS Enabled.
FOR JAVA PHONE USERS, who know how to use provisioning files as access point, download the prov.file HERE

Create a New Profile on your Modem
Access point -
Click Advance and set your DNS as follows
Primary DNS address -
Secondary DNS address -
Configure and connect all your PC programs with the following proxy and port address:-
Proxy address:-
Port:- 8080

Save, and begin browsing

As stated in the SMS you received, this etisalat Backberry subscription is supposed to last for only a Day, but with this Tweak above, you can go on browsing and downloading with it everyday, non-stop.
NOTE: after your first day of activation, you would be charged a 100naira daily to keep using, unless you opt out of the service.
So my Tip for you is, DO NOT RECHARGE because whether you recharge or not, the Tweak will continue to work!!!
If you have any issues using this tweak, the Comment box is open for everybody, we will be glad to help out. Enjoy while it lasts and Do not forget to share it with friends using our share buttons below.
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I hope this Info helps...

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