GSM terminology nd some of the ICT (Information, Communication nd Technology) abbreviation words and their full meanings. Some of the abbreviation words are.
GSM: Global system for mobile communication.
•3G phones: Third Generation phones.
•CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access Line.
•SIM: Subscribers identity Module.
•MCC: Mobile Country Code.
•MNC: Mobile Network Code.
•IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity.
•UASL: Unified Access Service license.
•ICC: International Card Configuration.
•LCD: Liquid Crystal Display (screen).
•BUZZER: Ringer of a phone.
•ICT: Information communication and Technology.
•SNO: Second National Operator.
•TCP: Telecom Consumer Parliament.
•NCA: Nigeria Communication Act.
•NIGCOMSAT: Nigeria Communication Satellites.
•IC: Integrated Circuit (meaning that it has so many component)

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