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I want to bless God for helping me and for making this project a success.
Few months ago, i released a software called JWP(JoeAdeoye Web Proxy). It is a proxy tunnelling software and it works only for pc. Some of you guyz would have heard about it.
Now i went ahead and write its mobile version that i call JWP Mobile. It is the mobile version of JWP and i just released it today.
This application works only for symbian phone. For now, i only release that of s60v3 but by God grace in few weeks from now, i will release its s60v2 version.
Before you can use the application, you must have power python installed on your device. Power python is available at the upload/download center of this site.

The app rocks for all network but for now, only its etisalat cheat is available.
To use the software, first download it at gurus download
after downloading, install it on your phone.
Before you can use it, you need to register an account with us. If you already have an account before for the JWP pc version, you can use that account info for jwp mobile version and it will work. But if you do not have any account before, you can register at joeadeoye-web-proxy.co.cc for an account.

When you are ready, open jwp mobile on your phone, click options > settings and do the settings as follows:
HTTP Port: 8080 which is the default
J.W.P User: your account username
J.W.P Pass: your account password
J.W Server: http://ems01.it-resource.co.cc
ISP Proxy:
I.S.P Port: 8080
Host: leave it blank

after you are done with the settings, click options and press save. Then click back to return to the main screen.

Now goto your phone access point settings and create a new internet access point with the following info:
apn: etisalat
port: 8080
set the rest of the fields to anything you like

Now switch back to jwp, click the right arrow navigation button to view message log. Now click options > connect. JWP Mobile will verify your username and password. If authentication is successful, it will start the server. If not, it will not start the server
You can click back on the left arrow navigation button of your phone to view the status page. The status would have changed from 'Not Connected' to 'Connected'

If jwp mobile has successfully connected, minimize it and open any browser of your choice. Enter any address and enjoy the superb browsing.
If your browser ask you to select access point, select the one you created with the info above and everything should work fine.

For further assistance, you can call me on:
07030563652, 08095622178

Enjoy the use of JWP Mobile
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Brought to you by: Joe Adeoye
Copyright (c) IT-Resource Inc 2011

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I hope this Info helps...

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