You & Me allows easy starter customers enjoy “free credit” every week to call a loved one’s etisalat number anytime. Easy Starter customers can benefit from 2 options: the N100 and N200 variants. All the customer has to do to enjoy this fantastic offer is to register that special Etisalat number by dialing *233*1*etisalat number#, recharge with a minimum of N100 weekly to get the additional N100 “free credit”  or recharge with at least N200 weekly to get additional “free credit”.

The customer will get N100 “free credit” during the week they recharged N100 and if customer’s recharges up to N200, they will get N300 “free credit”. The credit can only be used to call the registered You & Me number. Validity period for the N300 credit is 7days.

Customers can enjoy up to N1200 “free credit” every month by recharging with a minimum of N200 per week. Customers can remove and replace a special number anytime they choose.


  • To add a number, dial *233*1*etisalat-number#
  • To remove a number from the You & Me service at any time you choose, dial *233*2* the etisalat number#
  • To check if you registered a number as a You & Me number, dial *233#
  • To check your bonus airtime balance, dial *232# and an SMS notification will be sent informing you of the bonus airtime balance remaining.
First registration of your ‘You & Me’ number is free. Every subsequent replacement attracts a charge of N50.
Available ‘You & Me’ free seconds cannot be used to accept Receiver Pays calls from the registered ‘You & Me’ number.

This service is open to only Easy Starter subscribers.

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