Etisalat Users can now surf the Internet on their PC/Laptop using the BB Plan at an Amazing Speed! I guess by now many of us are fully aware that Browsing with the Blackberry Plan on your System is relatively low

compare to that of Normal Subscription..

Today, Here is the Etisalat Version of the BB Sub. You need to get all this Ready to Surf with the Eti Sim on your PC:-

* Etisalat SIM
* GPRS Enabled phone
* An Internet Modem
* Personal Computer

1. Get an Etisalat SIM and activate it for Internet Data. Any Etisalat SIM should be automatically activated for internet immediately you insert into your phone and Power it ON. If after some period you still dont get the

setting sent to you. You can Request for Data Settings to your Phone. If you already have a SIM you have been using to browse, you dont need this step. Just proceed to step two.

2. Now that your Sim Card is Internet ready, Load a Recharge Card of N100 on your Phone and Subscribe to the Etisalat Daily Blackberry Plan, You can use the Weekly or Monthly depending on the one that Suit you Most.

We are using this Daily Plan for Testing this Article.

3. Dial *449*3*2# to Subscribe to Etisalat Daily BB Plan, you will get a message welcoming you to BB plan telling you the expiry time of the package never mind, remove your simcard, Insert it inside your Modem,

Then Plug to your System.

4. Now Create New Profile on your Modem through the Modem Software Interface on your PC with the Parameters below:-

Profile name:- Etisalat for (Or anything)
Username & Password:- leave it empty
Advanced Settings:- Primary DNS:
Alternate DNS:-

Then Save and Select as the Default Setting, Then Connect to the Internet.

5. Now Open any Browser you prefer (Google Chrome, Firefox etc) and Configure them with this IP & Port.

HTTP Proxy or IP:-
PORT:- 8080

NOTE:- You can also use it without any IP and PORT, You can test Both, Then decide on which one to use.

Save and Start Surfing.. Its that Simple, Courtesy of

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I hope this Info helps...

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