How To View Facebook Desktop View / Full Version on iPhone, Android or Opera Mini

A lot more people make use of facebook using their cellphones. facebook is answering this  by developing groups of mobile version regarding facebook  based on the form of cellular/mobile phone you’re using. Because of good reasons known to facebook, your “full version” website link that will once was in these types of mobile variants are actually taken off  and mobile  users can’t check out your desktop version nowadays. Depending on my personal tiny encounter, Bolt Browser and skyfire are the only mobile web browsers which may check out facebook  fully version  Bitstream Inc. ceased their service some months

On the other hand, in case you’re by any chance using a cellular phone and you would like to make use of facebook or myspace with all the desktop check out, there’s a simple way . Facebook instantly transmits in your phone a new mobile version works with your current web browser as well as mobile phone.

For you to override this kind of and obtain the full version displayed, you only have to use this link:

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