What Do I Need To Start Printing Recharge Vouchers In Nigeria?

are you thinking of starting a recharge card selling business or do you want to start printing the your MTN, GLO, ZAIN, ETISALAT cards? here are the basic thing you will need to start printing your own MTN, GLO, ZAIN, ETISALAT recharge cards.

1. computer 

whether it is a laptop,desktop or towel pc,it doesn't really matter,it should be in a good working condition.its not necessarily be your computer and its not a must it should be connect to the internet

2. printer

whether coloured or black and white it doesn't matter.its should just be working fine


this is the a4 paper you will put in the printer 

4. Software

  that will be used in printing pin numbers on papers (this will be
installed onto your computer)

5.bulk pin

This is what you will be buying from authorised recharge dealers in nigeria

6Access to Internet, 

either at a cafe or personal Internet (needed once
in a while because whenever you pay for PINS, the major dealers will be send
them to you through email, IRRESPECTIVE of which part of Nigeria you are).

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