Prices Of Fairly Used BlackBerry Phones In Nigeria – London Used

Its now a custom for some nigerian that love blackberry to buy the fairly used blackberry phones in nigeria but its cheaper and its almost new.

1. BlackBerry Curve 2: N18,000
2. BlackBerry Curve 3: N28,000
3. BlackBerry Bold 1: N20,000
4. BlackBerry Bold 2: N35,000
5. BlackBerry Bold 3: N32,000
6. BlackBerry Torch: N50,000
7. BlackBerry Tour: N20, 000
8. BlackBerry Javeline: N16, 000
9. BlackBerry Storm: N13, 000
10. BlackBerry Gemini 8520: N28, 000
Updated blackberry prices as at December 2012
1. BlackBerry Curve 2: N14,000
2. BlackBerry Curve 3: N20,000
3. BlackBerry Bold 1: N15,000
4. BlackBerry Bold 2: N25,000
5. BlackBerry Bold 3: N21,000
6. BlackBerry Torch: N33,000
7. BlackBerry Tour: N15, 000
8. BlackBerry Javeline: Can’t find any update
9. BlackBerry Storm: N9, 000
10. BlackBerry Gemini 8520: Can’t find any update
The above Prices Of Fairly Used BlackBerry Phones are acquired from Kano GSM village, i believe it would be almost the same all over the country.
1. Ensure that the blackberry is not locked to only one network.
2. Insert your own SIM card and ensure you can make and receive phone calls clearly.
3. Type some text to ensure the keys are working fine.
4. Remember to collect the reciept after purchase.
5. Ensure the scroll pad is working perfectly and lots more.
NOTE: I don’t refer my readers to any blackberry dealer/seller in Nigeria for certain reasons known to me only. I don’t expect anyone asking me where to buy the above listed blackberries.


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I hope this Info helps...

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