Earlier this year we ‘ve heard a lot of speculations even contests, where readers submitted their vision on social networks of what the ultimate BlackBerry bold 10 would look like. We saw a lot of cool concepts, months later, we're still dreaming about this ultimate BlackBerry, but now our dreaming is more laser-focused on what the first ”blackberry bold 10” phone will look like. Based on the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device, we know it will be full touchscreen phone which, like the PlayBook tablet, will have no buttons on the front (gotta love gestures!).

We also know that for BlackBerry, the Bold has been their flagship line up of phone and that with the BeBold campaigns they have been further trying to build strength into both the BlackBerry brand and the Bold name.

What we don't know yet is how RIM will brand and position BlackBerry 10 phones when they hit the market. Will they introduce a whole new product family for BlackBerry 10? Or will they introduce BlackBerry 10 models to the existing Bold, Torch and Curve families. Or, maybe they'll do both.

I know looking at renders like this is torture when we're still months away from getting our hands on the real deal, but in the meantime it's a fun way to kill the time. So what to do you guys and gals think? I know I am loving it.

We always say BlackBerry is a tool to get droppings done, and I think a design like this plays well to that.

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