How To Root Tecno n3 Android Phone

ROOTING your phone is a proccess to gain "control" over your device, just like in the PC world getting an administrator rights. There are ups and downs in this process. For you to understand fully, you can search the google about rooting an android device. Then if you decide to Root your phone, then, it is your own choice. Do not blame me or anyone if something happen to your device while performing this method. Read the instruction carefully make sure you understand what you are doing and what will you do.

This warning means you are compromising your phone's security and warranty.
What is Rooting?
Based on your experiences, you don't have to use android long to come across the word - 'rooting'. It simply means tweaking an android device to give you full admin access.

The instructions to root the device -

Please forget any tutorial you saw anywhere and follow this simple steps.

1. Download the Poot Apk Here

2. Install it on your phone memory (not sd card) you can do so by going to the settings and choosing internal memory as the preferred storage location.

3. It will request MINISTRO II to be installed on your phone, follow the pop up link and install it on Google Play Store.

4. The MINISTRO II will be automatically updating the library, allow it to finish and the reboot your phone.

5. Go back to the poot apk you have installed and press it, it will load and bring you this two options

1. press here to poot

2. built in root check

Press the first option to root your phone.
6. You will see the root report on your screen - both success and failure report, if failure, it will show you some error code and tell you to reboot your phone and try again. If success it will bring another link to download the Super User Application which is the last step.

Download Root Checker Basic application to check your root success