3 Best Websites To Download Torrent Files Using IDM

Torrents are usually the best websites to download large files be it high definition movies and games like pes 2013 and the rest of the them. Torrents makes it easy to download large files with the stop,pause and play opportunity without any record of corruption or breakdown in links. The more people are seeding a torrent, the more your download speed increase. Consider there are 100 seeders for a particular torrent, which means those 100 users are sharing their bandwidth which enables you to download torrent with outstanding speed.
In a position where they are no seeders or few seeders for a large file download, the download speed of the file will drop or would be low!!

Today we are discussing about 3 websites which catches torrents and allows you to download the file directly on your favorite Download Manager. 

1. Zbigz.com 


zbigz.com is a free website that makes it possible to download torrent files with ease.Zbigz is a gateway between huge data storage (BitTorrent network) and you. You do not need to download and investigate complicated software. It is possible but Zbigz has already done it for you. Just input your search query or choose what you need from our regularly updated catalogue and download it! 


 Once you feed our boxopus with a torrent, he starts to download the files to our hardrive, moving them to our Dropbox account afterwards. When the download is complete, boxopus moves the files from our Dropbox to yours. It's that simple! 
If you don't have any dropbox account make one from here.
Then you need to install dropbox on your PC. Whenever you do a download from boxopus it get start download file to your hard disk and then get moved to your Dropbox folder.


  Torrenthandler doesn't decreases the direct download speed. If any speed capping i may only due to ISP problem. It is possible to download torrent files using IDM with a speed of 5 MB/Sec if your broadband bandwidth allows it.

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