Manual Configuration Of Windows Phones

Or in case you would like to configure the windows phone, it can be accomplished by means of following the actions outlined beneath.

1.From the Start menu choose “Programs” and then select “ActiveSync”.

  1. In ActiveSync, select the menu and then select “Add Server Source…
    3.In the server address field enter and select the SSL check box. Then click “Next”.`
 4.Enter your mail2web Mobile Email email address, and your password. You may leave the domain field blank. Select the Save Password check box if you want your device to be able to synchronize automatically. Then click “Next”.
5.Select the check box beside the items you want to synchronize. For some items, you can click “Settings…” to adjust how some items are synchronized. When you are done, click “Finish”.
The configuration steps above are for a Windows Mobile 6.0 OS touch screen device and may vary depending on your version of Windows Phone. The configuration steps may also vary if entered from ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center on your PC.

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