How To Add And Claim Site On Alexa

Alexa is perhaps best known for the Alexa Rank - our website ranking system which tracks over 30 million websites worldwide. The Alexa Rank and other metrics allow site owners to benchmark their sites and give consumers, marketers and advertisers metrics to evaluate websites for media buying, partnerships, and other business opportunities.
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How to Claim Your Blog at

  • To claim your blog at Alexa, you must be a registered user. If you don't have an account on Alexa yet, visit Alexa to create an account or Login
  • After creating an account and or Logged in, click on "Dashboard" on the menu bar.
  • I guess this is your first time, On you dashboard you'll see; "Add sites to get certified metrics, run site audits, or edit site information. Get Started
    • Click on the "Get Started" butto
    • On the next page, click on Free Sign Up
    • Enter site's URL to the "website URL" field and hit "Continue"

    • Copy and save your ID which is underlined with a green line on the image above to a notepad. It will be needed later.

    Note; Do not close the Alexa page.

    Step 2

    • From your blogger dashboard
    • Click on "More Options"
    • Click on "Template" - From here you may back up your template
    • Click "Edit HTML"
    • Make sure to tick the "Expand Widget Template" box and
    • Find <head> using Ctrl + F on your keyboard.
    • Paste the Alexa ID I asked you to save to a notepad below the <head> tag.
    • Having done that, Click "Save Template" and go back the Alexa page and
    • Click Verify my ID

 MUST READ!! How To Boost Alexa Rank to Your Website/Blog Site

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