How To Auto Publish Your Blog Posts To Facebook Timeline And Twitter Using Twitterfeed

In this post we are going to show you how to share the blog post automatically to facebook page timeline or how to import the blog into the facebook fan page using twitterfeed.
twitterfeed : is a free app on Facebook that allows automatic posting of blog posts to your Facebook Fan Page's timeline and your profile timeline through RSS Feeds. twitterfeed is also very handy for the sharing of Tweets, YouTube videos, Google+ posts, etc.

How To Set up twitterfeed For Facebook Pages:

1. Go to signup

3.After signup,sign in into your account creater new feed, enter the new feed name like "extremetipz"

5.enter your blog url or rss feed
6.after that click step 2,Now you will have to select the platform you want to autopublish to eg twitter,facebook, .

7.after selecting then autheticate your account with them and all done

thats all

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