Free Browsing on Your Android Device With TroidVPN, The Best Alternative to DroidVPN Premium

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, I believe few of us we still remember Droidvpn that allowed us to browse free on Android mobile phones, we really enjoyed it before it stopped working. Shelaf is now come up with another alternative VPN  (TroidVPN) that's even better than Droidvpn which you will  really enjoy too for browse with Bis plans on your Android mobile phone.
TroidVPN is a new  Internet bypassing firewall restriction for Android users; works like Droidvpn but different from Droidvpn. It allows you to use 1GB free data per day. Unlike droid who only permit 100mb for free account, TroidVPN permit 1GB free data daily.
It works fine on all Android Device with a minimum version of 4.0.4 and above

Features of TroidVPN

    1GB free data daily
    Fast in connection
    No registration required
    Allow you to connect to 8 free servers from 5 Locations (UK , USA , DE , NL , CA)
    It is free for use.
    Rooting is not required

How To Get TroidVPN

    Visit Google play to download it or download it here
    Run and install it on your device
    Set it to UDP port 500
    Connect and enjoy the speed.

Most important aspects of it, make sure you have an active BIS Subscription before you click on connect.
TroidVPN is new in the Android market, fast and secured, bypass restricted IP addresses and works on both Unrooted or Rooted Android Devices including Tab 3.

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