How To Reset An iPhone(Without iTunes/Computer)

Here`s how to reset an iPhone(Without iTunes/Computer) 

1. Turn on the phone and hold power and home buttons at the same
2. After 30 seconds, the phone will shut off
3. Wait until the apple logo would appear
4. Your phone will start normally without lock IMPORTANT: Applications, Contacts, Emails, Photo, Video, Music, Documents will be deleted.

Here`s how to restore them if you made a backup recently with all your files. Restore on an iCloud: 

1. Setup the phone
2. Go to settings
 3. Head to iCloud
 4. Select Storage and backup
5. Hit on Manage Storage
6. Tap on Back ups
7. Select Back up options and tap on restore.

Using iTunes:

 1. Plug your phone via USB on your computer
 2. Go to iTunes
3. Hit the iTunes window then click iOS device
4. Hit the Backup up and restore
5. Hit the restore Wait until it completes the restoration.

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