How To Check Glo Internet Data Bundle Balance

Well, to check your GLO DATA BUNDLE BALANCE (to know how many Megabytes you have left or remaining), simply;
Send INFO in an SMS to 127.
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Top 10 Effective Link Building Strategies

The Major importance of Link building are as Below:

** The Link Building concept helps your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines.

** Link Building also Help to Drive targeted traffic to your site.

** Your blog's Page rank is determined by the number of quality backlinks to your blog.

What are link building strategies?

Link building strategies are the numerous ways you can obtain relevant links to your blog.

Below are some simple ways to build links to your blog.

#1. Social Networks: You can build your links fromm your social networks profile. Social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter offers you an option wher you can place link to your website on your profile page.

#2. Social Bookmarking: Submitting your blog to social bookmark sites such as digg, delicious, spurl etc can also help you build relevant links to your blog/website.

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#3. Blog Commenting: Commenting on other blogs has been a great way to build links. Droping relevant links back to your blog on important topics of other blogs helps build link from that particular blog.

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#4. Forum Commenting: It is great to participate in forums and on topics related to your niche and make comment on relevant topics. Also, making a relevant post with a source to your blog can be a great strategy to build links. Putting your url in your profile and forum signature can also be of great help.

#5. Page Building: Many social networks allows you to create contents and post it on their domain as new pages. Such sites like is a great example. Creating content that focuses on a particular subject will engage readers and create more inbound links to your main site.

#6. Article Directory Submission: You can use article directories as a means of link building.

#7. Submit your link to relevant city and state governmental resources. (Easier in some countries than in others.)

#8. Launch an affiliate program. Even though Most of the links you pick up will not have SEO value, but the added exposure will almost always lead to additional "normal" links.

#9. Answering questions on Question and answer sites like Yahoo answers and Google groups can also be a good way of link building.

#10. Reviews: review Relevant products on Amazone and Create product lists that reviews top products, then say something about yourself. Drop a link to your website. This is also a great strategy of Link Building.
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MTN DIY: Customize & Compose MTN Caller Tune With Your Voice -

You can now compose and personalize your own MTN caller tune by yourself with MTN DIY. Imagine how exciting it will be when your callers hear your own voice as caller tune whenever they call you.


    It can be used for advert: May be you want to advertise your organization product or service through MTN Caller Tune. No matter what you do for the living.
    It can be used as reminder of birthday anniversary, wedding, ordinations, etc.
    It can used as a greeting message.
    It can be used as a means of passing information of or reminder of an event.
    A business man or trader can use it as an advert to tell his/her customers any new item he/she has in stock.
    A pastor or priest can also use it as a greeting message for his/her congregation and lots more.

Another great feature of the DIY Caller Tunez is that; Tunez can be Upload on MTN server.
If you are a musician, gospel, high-life, rapper, pop and so on, may be you have some album in the market,  You can upload your best tract to the Caller Tunez service.

What Next:

If you already know about the MTN caller Tune service, then you must know that it is a service that allows MTN customers to provide special tunes to their callers before you pick up the call. It is not a ringing tone but a subscriber based service to your callers.
When someone calls you ordinary, he hears a gring gring sound.

The MTN DIY set up meaning Do It Yourself service. The basic way to have a callertune is to download your interested music on mtn while you dont have idea on how to upload your own by yourself.

There is little or no information on the website about using DIY so I just did a little research about how to set it up and this is how you can do it.

Follow the process below to configure a personalized MTN Caller tune using DIY Service:

    Call the MTN Caller tune zone on 4100 then listen
    Press 1 to activate your caller tune first
    Now press 4 on your phone to DIY your favorite song or tune
    Now press 1 to begin
    Listen to the information that will be given to you then record your tune to the phone after the beep, you can record anything you like with your voice or while playing your favorite sound. PS Note that: (Limited time allowed)

(For e.g. You can say, “Thanks for calling (your name) . please kindly wait while I pick your call”) as for me, i used yeah thank you for calling, you are yet to speak with MY NAME while i advertise my blog (

    Juts Press # when you finished recording
    Listen to the tune when replayed
    Press 1 to confirm and submit that tune
    You would hear a voice responding you that you have succeeded. You will also receive a text message shortly.

You have now created a customized caller tune for your line so when callers call you, they would hear that tune. You can check it out yourself by calling your number from another sim.

You must have airtime on your phone before performing the operation as MTN charge for time spent just like normal call rate.
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