How To Use Whatsapp On Pc

WhatsApp Web service is currently available for users on the Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S60. It only accessible via the Chrome browser for desktop and it doesn’t work yet with iOS devices due to “Apple platform limitations. According to the WhatsApp team, support for more browsers is likely to be coming soon.

How to Access Whatsapp Web On PC ?

1. Be sure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your Mobile.
2. Open in your Google Chrome browser, where you will be get a QR code.
3. Scan the QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app
On Android,
Open WhatsApp – Menu – WhatsApp Web
On Windows Phone
Open WhatsApp- Menu – WhatsApp web
On BlackBerry
Open WhatsApp – Chats – Menu key- WhatsApp web
4. Tha’s all, You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client.
PS. The WhatsApp Web mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. so WhatsApp Web requires active connection on your phone to work.

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