How To Take ScreenShot On Pc

Their are three Top-notch & most recognized alternates to take screen-shots on Microsoft Windows.

1. Full Screen Screen-shots:-

To take full screen screen-shots press “Print Screen” (PrntScr) key on the system.
In order to see it paste the screenshot on Paint file.

2.One Window Screenshot:-

Hold the Cursor on screen you want to capture screen-shot of.
Now press both Alt+PrntScr together.
Open Paint on Your System and press Ctrl+V to paste screen-shot.

3. You Can also use Snipping tools:- 


Open the Snipping tool which is by default available in all version of Windows.
Select the shape of the Snip between rectangular, Window Snip, Full Screen Snip & Free form snip.
Slect the Snip Border color fron snip tool options.
Click on New Button & screen will be blurred.
Select the area you want to take screen-shot of.
Once you done with above procedure the new screen-shot will open in new Window.
Now you can save it with any extension.

Note:- Snipping tool is not available in Windows XP.

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