WhatsApp Messenger Download for Nokia Lumia 520,630,830,1020

WhatsApp Messenger offers you a way to send text messages over 3G or WiFi without paying for SMS charges.
This version of WhatsApp Messenger is designed for Nokia S40 devices, although it's still in beta and currently only runs on the Nokia  and X2-01.
In order to use WhatsApp Messenger for S40, you need to make sure that the person you want to send messages to also has WhatsApp installed on their device, though it should work regardless of which operating system they are using

There are two different ways to get the app onto this phone. This can include downloading from the WhatsApp website. The most common and simplest method of installation would be from the Windows App Store. The Nokia Lumia is a powerful phone that should run WhatsApp without a problem.
When downloading from the Windows Phone Store, you need to click on the Marketplace icon on your home screen. Click on the magnifying glass to bring up the search tab. Next type in WhatsApp to search the app. After you find WhatsApp, click on it to start the install process. This should bring you to the WhatsApp setup screen. Just following the onscreen prompts and your profile should be ready before long. Once your profile is set up your mobile phone number should be associated with your WhatsApp profile. The Nokia OS on the Lumina phones can be a bit slow so be patient.
The second method of installation is by directly downloading from WhatsApp website. Simply go to www.whatsapp.com and click on the download button. Once there select windows phone. This should bring you to the Windows App store for the download. This method will save you time in searching for WhatsApp in the Windows App Store. You may have to log into your Windows App store to continue with the download.

If you have successfully installed WhatsApp and that application will not run, here are a few suggestions that may help your get Whats App to run. The first thing would be to turn your phone off and then back on. Then if that fails, you will need to check your Internet connection. Make sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp for your Nokia Lumia. Also, be sure that you are not connected to a proxy server that may interfere without your wireless connection. Another thing that may be preventing your connection is your WAP setting. WhatsApp uses a non-HTTP socket connection, so turning off any WAP only features may help restore the connection with your app. There are three common causes of connection issues that you may experience. These are phone settings that are configured correctly or Internet connection issues with your wireless or phone provider. The third most common issue is weather-related. When the weather is bad, your signal may not be as good as it is with sunny weather. Wait and try using your app again a little later. If all else fails, then uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp may solve your issue.

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