Download Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk + Data File

  Download Naruto Senki v1.15 First 3 Apk - For lovers of anime Naruto, this time I will share the latest games for this anime. Naruto Senki apk, with version v1.15. What's new in this version 1.15? The most obvious is the new character. The characters are: Ino Yamanaka. For those who have played the previous version would have to understand how this game. And the next update is v1.16. For Those who have not, please just download the latest games: Naruto Senki, just in Very cool adventure ready for you to play. Do not get lost, use the latest character you've never tried this.

Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk

Download Naruto Senki v1.15 Apk

  How to install is easy. You just have to download, and then install. Because the format has .apk, then you just play it. Immediately enjoy a new character. [Update] For a new one, you can try the Naruto Ninja World 3D. The gameplay is interesting, lets play..
Apps Information
What's New:
  • New Charackter ( Ino Yamanaka )
  • For How to Unlock Naruto Senki to Hardcore Mode click here
  • For those of you who want to try: Naruto Senki Mod By Arif, please go to the following link:

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