How to stop auto renewal for your MTN data plan

I initially wrote an article on how I had been having problems with MTN data plan auto renewal since that feature was something new to the service we are already used to. In the past, MTN's data services didn't' come enabled with an auto-renewal feature and if you ask me, this really saved costs for the user. However, since they began this automatic renewal service, it has become confusing for a lot of users who have been used to the old service.
Just Send No to 131
Personally, my auto-renewal feature made me to spend more than I had originally intended to spend on MTN's 24 hr data plan.
I had subscribed to the N100 24 hr data plan and only intended to use it for 24 hrs on my mobile phone. However, I was surprised to find out that the service did not cut off automatically after 24 hrs but was automatically renewed from my airtime credit. Ok, I then send RESET to 131 in order to switch back to the old mode but again that did not work as I was automatically renewed again after 24 hrs. While I was still trying to figure out how to stop the data service from renewing automatically, it only kept on renewing till all my phone credit was exhausted(about N1000).
Just Send No to 131
I even went to the MTN website to see if there is a list of supported codes for the 131 service but none was listed except how to subscribe to the data plan. Personally, I'd say that it's not good to starve your customers of adequate information.
Anyway, I've finally gotten the code for stopping the automatic data renewal service and it is this; "No" to 131. Yes, just send Nx
448 × 246 -
o to 131 and auto renewal will be stopped for your plan.

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