Jiji.ng- Best Nigerian Online Marketplace And Free Classified Website

Why Choose Jiji?
As any other part of printed media, classified advertising has gradually moved to the Internet space. What result did it bring? Probably, they are even better than you expected. Take, for instance, Jiji.ng. It is the biggest classifieds in Nigeria functioning all over the country and letting people post adverts for free. No wonder that a new offer appears every five minutes.
As a result, there are half a million active offers, and 70,000 new ones appear on the website every month.

We have more than 10,000,000 monthly visitors and over 1,200,000 calls from people interested in ordering suggested items or services. Over 100,000 sellers are ready to answer all your questions and specify all the details for you. All sellers are verified and contact data is valid. It is proved by buyers’ feedbacks and reviews.

Another great advantage of using Jiji is that users communicate with each other directly. As a result, there are no annoying assistants and extra charges for their services. And what about prices? Prices are the lowest you can find anywhere.

Some would say that such close cooperation may increase a possibility to run into a scammer. Of course, scammers try to use the service for their own interests, but our security systems are faster and know how to deal with frauds. You can ask somebody of 20,000 scammers we have detected and blocked. All information about them is available on the Jiji blog.
You don’t have to find reasons for using Jiji. You better find something you want to buy and get it, experiencing these advantages on your own.

So there is one single question left: why haven’t you started shopping on Jiji yet?


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