How To Know If Your Whatsapp Have Been Hacked

WhatsApp  is an application that can not miss on a mobile phone,designed for people who need to always keep in touch with friends, family and even your business clients. Its technical features make it perfect for intensive use of instant messaging, and is its QWERTY keyboard gonna make you fly writing messages.

 How To Know If Your Whatsapp is been monitored 

It’s simple.
Open your WhatsApp, >goto menu> Whatsapp Web.
  • If there is a Computer/Browser which had opened your WhatsApp is not familiar to you,
(how will you know regarding that is Time in which it was last logged into would be mention there.
NOTE : even if it’s a mobile device which scanned their QR on your device, still then it may appear to be Computer device.
  • Simply get logged out from the other device(s).
In case nobody has done that with you then you’ll see somewhat this kind of page that asks you to scan QR code from your computer.

This means you are safe and nobody is keeping an eye over your chats. ;)

 if someone has been tapping your whatsapp messages behind you,you will this kind of message when you want to login your whatsapp on pc

cheers!hope this helps


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